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Regulate and Control the Access to Your Building

An access control system is the first line of defence in securing your property and a crucial building block of any security strategy, allowing you to regulate the movement of personnel throughout your facility to let the right people in and keep the wrong people out. 

At Essential Group, we provide comprehensive access control solutions for your security needs, professionally designed and tailored to suit premises, buildings and properties of any size, type or application. 

Our systems deliver flexible, reliable, integrated access control which works to facilitate efficient management and monitoring of access points, increase security and improve efficiency. 

What is Access Control?

Locks and keys can seem a simple and straightforward way to secure your building, but the reality is that not only can they be a huge security risk but can be extremely costly. If keys are lost or stolen, then knowing that they might be used if found or copied and duplicated means you will likely have no choice but to change and replace the relevant locks. As well as this you will also need to reissue new keys for everyone, a process which can be extremely inconvenient and costly. 

Access control systems create a reliable, physical barrier during operating hours that provides complete control over who has access to the property whilst allowing employees to move around freely in the areas that they need to. 

Access Control Security Services

From simple pin code-based systems to fobs, tokens and even smart cards, Essential Group can help determine which technology would work best for your requirements and be most effective at controlling access to your property. 

Our comprehensive service ensures a completely bespoke approach to every project and where required can help to deliver seamless migration solutions such us pgrading Mag-Stripes to Proximity Readers or Biometric solutions that are more effective and secure. As well as this, our experienced team work with new or existing systems to integrate the access control with multiple disciplines such as CCTV and intruder alarms for simple, straight forward and reliable control through remote and Smart App technology.

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Integrated access control platforms

The Benefits of Access Control

At Essential Group, our high-performance access control systems are designed to meet the individual and real-time security needs of your business, every day. Just some of the many benefits of our access control solutions include;

  • Easier access for employees 
  • Eliminates the threats caused by uncontrolled points of entry  
  • No need for mechanical keys that can be lost, stolen or copied 
  • Helps to prevent intrusions 
  • Protects against theft, data breaches or property damage 
  • Controls and measures personnel going in and out 
  • Prevents unauthorised access to sensitive areas 
  • Monitors both external perimeters and internal restricted zones 
  • Provides protection for your premises, family, staff, premises, assets, critical data and intellectual property 

Integrated Access Control Platforms

Essential Group provides multiple integrated access control platform options depending on your requirements.

  • Software or web-based management applications 

These are best suited for small to mid-sized offices or facilities with consistent schedules and staffing as they allow the employees to easily use and manage the access system.

  • Remote management 

This gives organisations complete control over their space from wherever they are with remote access to advanced administration tasks such as; 

  • Badging 
  • Cardholder database 
  • Door lock schedules 
  • Activity/exception reports 
  • Revoking access to users 
  • Monitor access of certain doors or specific users 
  • Remotely audit unauthorised access or potential security breaches


How does access control work?

Access control systems are digital networks that provide physical security by electronically restricting and controlling who is allowed entry into and out of specific or designated areas. They generally consist of a ‘tag’, tag reader, access control panel and lock which work together to create a seamless automated security solution.

There are different types of systems and methods or ‘tags’ used for controlling access such as – biometrics, electromagnetic mechanisms, key cards, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) lock systems and smartphones.

These technologically advanced access control systems are convenient, secure and flexible, allowing system administrators to quickly and easily change or update access settings remotely at any time.

How does access control improve security?

Here are just some of the ways that access control systems work to increase security;

  • Effectively prohibits access for unauthorised personnel
  • Adds an extra level of security for all types of buildings
  • Keys are easily lost, copied or stolen which is costly, time consuming and can compromise security. Access control tags can be quickly and easily disabled and new ones issued
  • Access can be immediately blocked to certain users or for different areas at any time
  • System records who comes and goes into the building and any internal access-controlled areas
  • Increased security for staff, customers and visitors
  • Greatly reduces the chance of unauthorised intruders gaining entry and using the opportunity to damage or steal property
  • Security breaches can be tracked.

Can access control be used with other security types?

Access control can be fully integrated with other security systems that instead of working independently, work together to provide a convenient, robust and easy to manage security solution.

By combining CCTV, fire alarm and intruder alarm systems with access control, businesses benefit from enhanced protection levels in a number of ways such as;

  • Access Control and CCTV – Allows CCTV to verify the identity and keep a record of who is using the access control system to enter or leave the building. This can also help prevent individuals who try to enter the property or restricted areas by following directly behind an authorised person
  • Access Control and Intruder Alarms – When these systems are integrated, they can work together to lock down all or parts of the building in the event the intruder alarm is activated, helping to safeguard occupants, contain the threat and protect valuable assets
  • Access Control and Fire Detection – These can be programmed so that in the event of a fire, doors are automatically unlocked to allow free-flowing access so that all staff, customers and visitors can evacuate safely


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