The Benefits of Access Control Systems

Security is crucial when it comes to your workplace. There are many different risks that your premises, visitors and your employees are exposed to each day. However, if you want to make security a priority, an access control system could be the solution you are looking for. If you are wondering whether an access control system is right for you, we’re going to look at the benefits. 

Measure Who Enters and Exits Your Premises

While an access control system can help you to understand where people move around your premises, you can use the system to determine the times that people enter and exit your building. This is particularly useful when it comes to unusual activity or even when a crime might have taken place as the system records and reports on the movement of all users. The Access control database can also be used to report on fire alarm register. 

Provides Protection

Access to your premises will be authorised for personnel with a valid keycard, fob or security code. Therefore, it enhances the security and protection of your premises but also your equipment, data and all other property that belongs to your organisation. 

Avoid the Cost of Key Replacement

Using traditional methods of access to your premises can prove costly over time. This is particularly true for mechanical keys which can be lost and will need replacing. In addition to this, locks can also develop problems and that could prevent access to your premises. There is also a safety aspect associated with lost keys as they could be found which could give someone unknown to the organisation access to your property. Furthermore, it is also possible for keys to be copied but all of this can be avoided with an access control system. 

Protect Sensitive Areas

You might have sensitive areas within your organisation such as server rooms or stock rooms. Naturally, you will want to secure these areas and reduce the risk of theft or unauthorised access. With an access control system, you can grant access to specific individuals only which can help to protect your property and sensitive areas that are crucial to the running of your organisation. 

Remote Control

Having complete control over your system is one of the main reasons why an access control system will work for your organisation. However, you will be able to carry out a range of tasks remotely that will enable you to keep your business and premises safe. What this means is that you can check your user database, set lock schedules and monitor use for specific users.  You will also be able to check for possible security breaches and even remove access for individuals that do not need to access your premises or certain areas. The system will also enable you to carry out a security audit to determine who has access, who doesn’t need access and whether any issues have arisen with access. 

Scaling Up

Our remote control systems enable multi-site and multi-location organisations to centralise the control all of all their systems from one remote location. This feature reduces the need and therefor the cost for multiple administration centres and it enhances the overall security of your organisation. 

So, an access control system brings with it many benefits, but your organisation will become more secure and safer. With greater control and management, you can ensure your business is protected in every possible way. 

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