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Essential Group integrate your home and business entertainment, audio, visual, data, networking, and communication systems, enabling you to watch or listen to whatever, wherever and whenever you like in an interchangeable and controlled environment. All systems can be monitored and supported around the clock.

Introducing Enterprise level WiFi solutions that deliver reliable and dependable powerful WiFi signal throughout your property. Essential Group’s WiFi solution is seamless so when you move from one room to another or even from inside to outside, the Wi-Fi does not drop out during transition by eliminating barriers to connectivity.

Remote connections

For situations where running cables to distant buildings is expensive or impractical, a point-to-point system is a flexible and easily scalable way to connect remote sites to the internet. Essential Group’s nanobeam connectivity solutions remove the requirement for expensive and laborious cabling over distance. Applications for this technology cover livestock sheds, outhouses, garages, swimming pool houses, private beaches, gyms, and summer houses, in other words – anything that requires remote internet connection. Once your connection is enabled you can remote control anything from AV entertainment and the temperature to lighting and from noise levels to humidity.

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