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For Safe and Secure Buildings

Keeping premises safe from unauthorised access out of hours is something that almost every business and building owner automatically puts into place, using standard security measures such as intruder alarms. However, this is only helpful for times when the property is not in use and locked up such as overnight and often during operational hours the building can be just as vulnerable, if not more so.

Access control is a great way to secure external and internal doors, permitting access only to those who have the correct clearance using their security code, fob or card. Integrating an effective access control system means that you are able to manage, track and monitor the movement of visitors and employees going into your building whilst preventing those without access from entering.

At Essential Group, our specialists plan and install custom access control systems for properties of every type, size and scale from large industrial premises and sprawling private estates to substantial commercial buildings.

Controlled Access

Preventing unwanted entry to your premises is extremely important and without the correct measures in place can leave it unprotected and vulnerable to damage, harm or theft. Whether the property in question is a restaurant, factory, nursery, office complex, laboratory, manor house, hospital or hotel, it is crucial to ensure that every necessary measure is taken to keep the building itself and the equipment, stock, data and people inside safe.

Not only is access control suitable for external entry points, but also internal doors where it can be used to create secure areas or rooms with restricted access, allowing only those who are permitted to enter.

Using the very latest technology, tools and techniques, our team of expert security engineers design and install robust access control systems in Hertfordshire that will help you to effectively and easily manage, monitor and control who has access to your building and secure areas within it.

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Integrated access control platforms

Benefits of Access Control

Because of its many proven benefits, access control is used for a wide range of buildings, properties and premises of various types, size and scale across different sectors and industries.

Just some of the many advantages of Hertfordshire control systems include;

  • It is easy to monitor and manage when and where employees and visitors can access.
  • Access control can be fully integrated with other security systems such as CCTV and intruder alarms.
  • Delivers increased security and protection from unauthorised access.
  • Replaces the need for problematic and impractical old-style keys.
  • Codes, fobs and cards can quickly and easily be changed, reprogrammed or replaced if needed.
  • Helps to protect the personal, physical and data-based assets within the property.
  • Our access control systems are highly flexible and can be programmed to your exact needs.
  • Monitors and records when doors are accessed and who by.
  • Creates a safer environment for those who work, live or visit the building.

Access Control Solutions in Hertfordshire

Whether you are looking to replace or upgrade an existing access control system or require a new installation, Essential Group are here to help. Nothing is too complex for our dedicated team who are experienced at delivering tailored access control solutions to surpass even the most demanding needs.

For more information please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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