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Secure Your Premises from Unauthorised Access

In order to maintain the security of your premises, it is crucial to ensure that you have suitable, effective and reliable access control in place. Integrating tailored access control allows you to manage the movement of employees and visitors into and within your building for a scalable solution that works for properties and organisations of any size.

At Essential Group, our experts plan and install access control systems that are designed to fulfil the precise requirements of each building, no matter the setup, application, size or scale and across everything from industrial properties and large private homes to expansive commercial premises.

Manage, Control and Regulate Your Building Access

When people think of securing their premises, they tend to cover things such as intruder detectors and alarms which are typically used when the building isn’t occupied. However, during the day or ‘operating hours’, your property is still at risk from intruders who could attempt to gain entry, especially when people might not think twice or question someone walking through an unlocked door.

Without proper measures in place at vulnerable access points such as external and internal doors, the buildings themselves, their occupants, equipment, data and stock are all at risk from potential harm, damage or theft.

By having robust access control integrated into your security system, you can easily set up who can enter your property, manage access to secure areas and create or cancel people’s access. This innovative and simple to use solution means that your property is better protected from unwanted visitors and that you can respond quickly to resolve potential security issues such as lost or stolen access cards or key fobs.

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Integrated access control platforms

Advantages of Access Control

Access control is suitable for a wide range of commercial properties from offices, flats, apartments and hospitals to schools, warehouses and leisure facilities. In recent years it has also become increasingly popular amongst owners of large-scale domestic homes who are looking for an alternative to the old-style lock and key entry.

Just some of the many benefits that can be gained from our Kent access control systems include;

  • Can be fully integrated with other security systems
  • Easy to manage and control when and where staff and visitors have access
  • Increased security and protection
  • Hassles associated with mechanical keys are gone with codes, fobs and cards that can be quickly and easily changed or replaced when needed
  • Highly flexible and can be programmed to your exact needs
  • Protects personal, physical and data-based assets
  • Monitors and records when doors are accessed
  • Creates a safer environment for those working, living or visiting the property

Using the latest security tools, technology and techniques, our access control installers in Kent deliver innovative solutions to help keep your property, resources, equipment, data, employees, residents and visitors safe.

Access Control Systems in Kent

Whether you are thinking about a replacement or upgrade for your existing access control system or are looking for a brand-new installation then Essential Group are here to help. Our dedicated team of experienced engineers are on hand to deliver bespoke access control solutions that can surpass even the most demanding needs.

For more information on our Kent access control services, please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisors will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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